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Reinforced PVC Hose


This particular type
of hose has a 100% flexible PVC inner tube reinforced with a 1000 denier
polyester nylon braid, this is then covered with a 100% flexible PVC cover. It’s
the versatile nature of
PVC that makes it ideal
for hose use and a popular hose
across a number of industries
, including engineering, construction and
irrigation. We also supply other PVC hoses including PVC layflat hoses and PVC suction and delivery


This is hose
is suitable for food use and you can find out more about regulations on PVC
food grade hoses
, on our blog.
In addition, this type of PVC hose is
resistant to most oxidising and reducing agents, including dilute acids and
alkalines. Should you wish to know more about the chemical resistance of these hoses,
please contact
to learn more.

Reinforced PVC Hose Typical




Coolant lines   

Chemical transfer   

Water & fluid handling   

Food handling   

Beverage lines   

Compressed air   

Crop spraying


If you are curious to
know what the benefits of using PVC
over polyurethane
are and vice versa, we have written an article on the subject
and which is more appropriate based on industry and application.  


Should you require an unreinforced PVC hose,
please click here to view the hose we supply. For any further information please
call us on
01423 712038 or
email us


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