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High Performance Polyurethane Ducting

Sold in 10 Mtr Lengths

·      This high performance lightweight ducting range is
manufactured in Europe and is made from premium-grade ester polyurethane
compound, reinforced with a copper-plated steel helix.

Applications: An excellent transport hose for
abrasive solids including dust, powder, fibres, etc. Also, this type of hose is
suitable for extracting gaseous media, such as oil vapours and welding


  • Excellent
    abrasion resistance
  • Wire
    spiral reinforcement can be earthed
  • Super
    flexible, low weight
  • Small
    bend radius
  • Good
    resistance to oil, petrol and chemical fumes
  • High
    tensile strength and tear resistance
  • Good
    UV and ozone resistance

Overall this collection is particularly versatile, catering
for a number of industries and substances. With their abrasion and chemical
resistance specifications, alongside their flexibility, these are the perfect transportation

If you have any queries regarding our ducting range, then
please contact
, our friendly experts are always on hand to help and recommend different
types of hose and fittings based on your needs and industry requirements. We have a range of ducting
products available, including mediumweight
, if you require something specific then please just let us know.

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