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Emergency Flood Kit

Our Emergency Flood Pump Kits allow  the transfer of large volumes of water quickly and effortlessly.

The water pumps are lightweight and portable and have low fuel consumption, low vibration and low noise levels they have a robust framework to offer protection and make them easily transported.

The flood kit’s engine is started easily with a pull cord recoil system, which does not require a battery.

We have included everything required to get excess water pumping straight away except the unleaded fuel.

Firstly there is a Petrol Driven Water Pump in the kit – different powers are available ( we offer the Loncin 500 Lpm Emergency Flood Pump Kits; Loncin 1000 Lpm Emergency Flood Pump Kits; and Honda 500 Lpm Emergency Flood Pump Kits ). This is the key component as it allows you to effectively get to work at removing the water. A choice of power means that you can assess the potential danger to your property and choose one that suits. Being petrol driven, this means that if flooding affects the power in the premises you can still pump water out. Alongside this, there is suction hose to pull the water from where it is starting to build up, and a filter to ensure that you don’t damage the pump

Alongside this, we have varying lengths of layflat hose in the kit, in order to make sure that you can have the right length appropriate to remove the pumped water away from any areas you are trying to protect. Layflat hose is ideal for this task, and as its name suggests when not required it is able to be folded up meaning it requires less room.

Each emergency flood pump kit comprises of:

1 x Petrol Driven Water Pump
1 x 6 Mtr of Suction Hose
1 x Suction Strainer to stop debris entering the pump
1 x Layflat delivery hose
2 x Stainless Steel Clamps for attaching hoses to pump

Contact HoseShop today for more information about our emergency flood pump kits on 01423 712038


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