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Corrugated Radiator Hose

These vehicle radiator hoses are used in a variety of vehicle, including tractors and trucks, with one of the most popular needs being a flexible car radiator hose that is able to be used for numerous types and brands of cars. Overall there are two hoses
that connect the radiator. One attaching from the top of the radiator to the
top of the engine, the other from the bottom of the radiator connecting to the
engine water pump. Both hoses are responsible for delivering the coolant
to the radiator and transferring it back to the engine. Once the temperature of
the engine is regulated after the delivery of the coolant from the upper hose, the
lower hose helps to start the cycle again by transferring it out of the engine.

It’s important that both hoses are impenetrable, so the whole process can run smoothly. These hoses will need replacing if there are any cracks or bursts so that the coolant doesn’t leak out during any point of the cycle.

There are a number of symptoms you can look out for to tell if these hoses need replacing:
Leaking coolant
Low coolant levels (indicated by the light on the dashboard)
Overheating engine
Visible collapse or damage to the hose

This particular range of hose is constructed from a black, anti-freeze, heat and
weather resistant EPDM rubber, with synthetic textile and steel wire helix reinforcement embedded in the layers.

Sold in 1 Metre lengths with longer lengths are available on request.

Applications: Used in a variety of vehicles.

Temperature range: -40 degrees C to +120 degrees C.

For more information about these hoses or if there is a specific hose you
are in need of, then please e-mail at

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