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Unreinforced PVC Hoses

Hose Shop’s Unreinforced PVC Hose is manufactured from crystal clear compounds to ensure full visibility of the flow of the contents.  Our Unreinforced PVC Hoses are NOT recommended for pressure applications. Suitable for a range applications such as food and drink; chemical delivery and laboratory use our Unreinforced PVC Hoses are incredibly versatile, however should you need reinforced PVC Hose then click Here.

Food use: Suitable.
Chemical resistance: PVC is resistant to most oxidising and reducing agents, dilute acids and alkalis, for more information contact us.
Unreinforced PVC Hose Typical Applications
Among all the different applications we can mention:

Sleeving    Sight glasses    Laboratory uses    Drain hoses    Chemical delivery    Instrumentation    Delivery of food and beverages (beer)

Should you require Reinforced PVC Hose click here.

If you require further information on our Unreinforced PVC Hoses or there is a specific Unreinforced PVC Hose you need but can’t find, then call us on 01423 712038 or email us.

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