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Fire Protection Sleeve 83mm I/D

Fire Protection Sleeve 83mm I/D
Fire Protection Sleeve 83mm I/D
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Product Code: FPS-83

Size = 83mm I/D

Price per metre. Maximum length available is 15 metres.

Fire Protection Sleeves are manufactured with "E" glass fibre yarn knitted to form a sleeve and coated with high grade iron oxide silicone elastomer rubber.

Our Fire Protection Sleeves offer high flexibility with continuous protection at an operating temperature of 250ºC .

Our Fire Protection Sleeves have the ability to withstand a molten splash at 1200ºC. When exposed to flame, the high grade rubber will form a protective SiO² layer. Excellent frame resistance,

Health and Safety - provides personnel with protection against burns from hot hoses, steam lines, etc. 

Excellent abrasion resistance.

Price is per metre. Maximum metre length is 15 metres.

For more information about Fire Protection Sleeves, or to find out more about specific Fire Protective Sleeve sizes, then contact us on 01423 712038 or email us on


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