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Stainless Steel O Clips

Our range of Stainless Steel 2 Ear O Clips are a versatile form of hose clamp that can cover a range of sizes.

The use of 2 Ear Clips is an economical solution for many simple hose assemblies, used with air or other fluids. The 2 ears give the clip extra grip and help maintain constant pressure around the hose. Fitting is more flexible and exact. The practical design of the 2 Ear Clips means that they clamp firmly on to the assembly and cannot be removed once mounted. The edges are rounded to avoid damage to the hose. Due to the AISI-304 steel used in the manufacture of these clips, their corrosion resistance is outstanding. They are recommended especially in outdoor applications.

Band: AISI-304Stainless Steel (A2)
Finish: 100% Stainless Steel

For more information about Stainless Steel 2 Ear O Clips then contact one of our helpful team on 01423 712038 or email us.

Model: 2EAR5-7SS
Part No: 2EAR5-7SS Dimensions: 5mm-7mm   ..
£0.78 Ex Tax:£0.65
Model: 2EAR7-9SS
Part No: 2EAR7-9SS Dimensions: 7mm-9mm   ..
£0.96 Ex Tax:£0.80
Model: 2EAR9-11SS
Part No: 2EAR9-11SS Dimensions: 9mm-11mm   ..
£1.08 Ex Tax:£0.90
Model: 2EAR11-13SS
Part No: 2EAR11-13SS Dimensions: 11mm-13mm   ..
£1.08 Ex Tax:£0.90
Model: 2EAR12-15SS
Part No: 2EAR12-15SS Dimensions: 12mm-15mm   ..
£1.08 Ex Tax:£0.90
Model: 2EAR14-17SS
Part No: 2EAR14-17SS Dimensions: 14mm-17mm   ..
£1.32 Ex Tax:£1.10
Model: 2EAR15-18SS
Part No: 2EAR15-18SS Dimensions: 15mm-18mm   ..
£1.32 Ex Tax:£1.10
Model: 2EAR17-20SS
Part No: 2EAR17-20SS Dimensions: 17mm-20mm   ..
£1.50 Ex Tax:£1.25
Model: 2EAR18-21SS
Part No: 2EAR18-21SS Dimensions: 18mm-21mm   ..
£1.74 Ex Tax:£1.45
Model: 2EAR20-23SS
Part No: 2EAR20-23SS Dimensions: 20mm-23mm   ..
£1.74 Ex Tax:£1.45
Model: 2EAR22-25SS
Part No: 2EAR22-25SS Dimensions: 22mm-25mm   ..
£2.16 Ex Tax:£1.80
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