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O Clips

Our range of Zinc Plated 2 Ear O Clips are a versatile form of hose clamp that can cover a range of sizes.

The use of 2 Ear Clips is an economical solution for many simple hose assemblies, used with air or other fluids. The 2 ears give the clip extra grip and help maintain constant pressure around the hose. Fitting is more flexible and exact. The practical design of the 2 Ear Clips means that they clamp firmly on to the assembly and are tamper-proof once mounted. The edges are rounded to avoid damage to the hose. 2 Ear Clips offer great versatility in simple hose assemblies.

Band: St 34 steel (DIN 2393 C)
Finish: Silver-white Cr3 Zinc-Plated

For more information about 2 Ear O Clips then contact one of our helpful team on 01423 712038 or email us.

Model: 2EAR5-7
Part No: 2EAR5-7 Dimensions: 5mm-7mm   ..
£0.30 Ex Tax:£0.25
Model: 2EAR7-9
Part No: 2EAR7-9 Dimensions: 7mm-9mm   ..
£0.42 Ex Tax:£0.35
Model: 2EAR9-11
Shop for your Zinc Plated 2 Ear O Clips at Hose Shop for low prices and fast delivery. This 9mm-11mm O Clip is strong, durable and available at excellent value for money.   Part No: 2EAR9-11 Dimensions: 9mm-11mm   ..
£0.42 Ex Tax:£0.35
Model: 2EAR11-13
Part No: 2EAR11-13 Dimensions: 11mm-13mm   ..
£0.42 Ex Tax:£0.35
Model: 2EAR13-15
Part No: 2EAR13-15 Dimensions: 13mm-15mm   ..
£0.54 Ex Tax:£0.45
Model: 2EAR14-17
Part No: 2EAR14-17 Dimensions: 14mm-17mm   ..
£0.66 Ex Tax:£0.55
Model: 2EAR15-18
Part No: 2EAR15-18 Dimensions: 15mm-18mm   ..
£0.66 Ex Tax:£0.55
Model: 2EAR17-20
Part No: 2EAR17-20 Dimensions: 17mm-20mm   ..
£0.66 Ex Tax:£0.55
Model: 2EAR18-21
Part No: 2EAR18-21 Dimensions: 18mm-21mm   ..
£0.66 Ex Tax:£0.55
Model: 2EAR20-23
Part No: 2EAR20-23 Dimensions: 20mm-23mm   ..
£0.78 Ex Tax:£0.65
Model: 2EAR22-25
Part No: 2EAR22-25 Dimensions: 22mm-25mm   ..
£0.84 Ex Tax:£0.70
Model: 2EAR23-27
Part No: 2EAR23-27 Dimensions: 23mm-27mm   ..
£0.96 Ex Tax:£0.80
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