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Heavy Duty Hose Clamps


A hose clamp is used to ensure that an equal amount of pressure is applied, in order to secure a hose. Those that are more suited to secure high pressurised hoses, give you peace of mind that your hose is secure and in the best position possible for successful use. For more information on how a hose clamp works and their uses, please read our blog post for a full guide.


Our range is from Mikalor Supra, with the patented design of the “Supra” clamp makes it the strongest on the market and the unique swivelling bridge is perfect for mounting in the most difficult applications, where you require reliability, strength, high torque and exceptional hydraulic performance.


We guarantee we have a hose clamp in our range to suit your requirements. All of the clamps shown are of AISI 430 Stainless Steel band with a Steel Cr3 white zinc plated bolt, however, they are also available as a fully stainless steel clamp.


For more information, any type of hose clamp or if you have specific questions about a particular type of clamp, then call us on 01423 712038 or email us. We are market leaders when it comes to hose accessories, and our range will help in a variety of tasks – if you are unsure of what you need for a specific job then we can provide the information you need.


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