What is a Jubilee Clip?

Jubilee Hose Clips are hose clamp clips in the form of a circular metal band, with a worm gear fixed to the end. Designed to hold a hose onto a pipe or other fitting, these clips are mostly known by their brand name, Jubilee. However, in places that the brand is less recognised, these clips are sometimes referred to as a worm drive hose clip, hose clamp, or just hose clip.

Jubilee Hose Clips were the first worm drive hose clamps in 1921. The worm gear is able to fit into the metal due to perforations in the clip. When this worm gear is turned, the clip loosens and tightens. The design of a Jubilee clip is simple, but very effective at clamping pliable hoses to solid fittings. Jubilee Clips are available in a range of sizes, with different diameters, making the clips versatile for a range of fittings.

Types of Jubilee Clips

At Hoseshop, we offer both mild steel zinc plated Jubilee Clips and stainless steel Jubilee Clips. Mild steel is the most common steel for all applications, including Jubilee Hose clips. Mild steel alone has a low natural resistance to corrosion. Because of this, a coating of zinc is applied to the steel. The British Standard for all hose clips requires that they withhold 48-hour resistance against red rust, but Jubilee Clips reach a minimum of 72 hours.

Stainless steel can offer the greatest resistance to corrosion, including acid corrosion, this provides the ideal properties for a Jubilee Clip to withstand most conditions. These properties allow Jubilee stainless Steel Clips to be suitable for a wide range of applications and different industries, from marine use, to uses in the food and beverage industry.


Jubilee Clips have an impressive reputation for being of a high quality, and are safe, durable, and reliable. At Hose Shop, we only stock the original Jubilee Hose Clips, because we believe and know that their quality is unsurpassed.

Alternative Uses

Aside from the obvious use of Jubilee Clips, there have been many creative suggestions for alternative uses of them. For example, by placing the clips around empty Mason jars, screwing the Jubilee Clips into a plank of wood, and fixing them in place. You can then place this somewhere in your house, to fill with bathroom supplies, flowers, cooking utensils, anything your heart desires!

Jubilee Clips are often used for things other than what they are intended for, as they are useful for anything that involves a tightened band around something. You can really explore your interior design ideas and DIY skills, with these.

Jubilee Clip Driver

Jubilee Clip Drivers are a tool that help to adjust jubilee clips in an efficient and rapid manner. We have both Jubilee Clip Flexi Drivers and Jubilee Clip Clipdriver.

For more information on Jubilee Hose Clips or to ask about the hydraulic hose and accessories we have, please contact our team here at Hose Shop. If you would like read more about hoses and their fittings, please read our previous post, exploring everything you need to know about hydraulic hoses and fittings.

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