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Tri Clamp Flanges

Tri Clamp Fittings

Tri Clamp Fittings also known as Tri Clover Fittings, are predominantly used in the brewing, pharmaceutical and dairy industry where hygiene is a high priority. A Tri Clamp Fitting is used to join hoses together or connect onto a machine or other vessel.

Stainless Steel Tri Clamp Fittings are available to suit hoses from 1" and 1.1/2” bore, however other sizes are available on request.

Tri Clamps are easy to assemble and dismantle for cleaning. The joint of two Stainless Steel Tri Clamps comprises of two mating flanges which are compressed together using a clamp and seal which is compressed between the two flanges which provides a leak free tight seal.

Our range of Stainless Steel Tri Clamps are manufactured in the UK to the highest standards on CNC machinery to ensure utmost accuracy and finish.

We can supply assemblies with Swaged Tri Clamp end fittings, please e-mail your enquiry to: 

For more information on Stainless Steel RJT Pipe Fittings, then contact us on 01423 712038 or email us.

Model: TRIC1
Part No: TRIC1 Description: 1" (50.5mm O/D) Tri Clamp Flange x 1" Hygienic Hose TailMaterial: Stainless Steel ..
£35.94 Ex Tax:£29.95
Model: TRIC112
Part No: TRIC112 Description: 1.1/2" (50.5mm O/D) Tri Clamp Flange x 1.1/2" Hygienic Hose TailMaterial: Stainless Steel ..
£46.56 Ex Tax:£38.80
Part No: TRICLAMP Description: Heavy Duty Single Pin Clamp to suit both 1" (50.5mm O/D) Tri Clamp Flange and 1.1/2" (50.5 O/D) Tri Clamp FlangeMaterial: Stainless Steel ..
£18.00 Ex Tax:£15.00
Model: HYG-FERR-1
Part No: HYG-FERR-1 Description: 1" Hygienic Ferrule to suit 1" Bore Brewery Hose (Hoseshop Code: BREW1)Material: Stainless SteelNote: 2 Hygienic Ferrules are required per hose assembly ..
£19.80 Ex Tax:£16.50
Model: HYG-FERR-112
Part No: HYG-FERR-112 Description: 1.1/2" Hygienic Ferrule to suit 1.1/2" Bore Brewery Hose (Hoseshop Code: BREW112)Material: Stainless SteelNote: 2 Hygienic Ferrules are required per hose assembly ..
£29.40 Ex Tax:£24.50
Model: TRISEAL-1
Part No: TRISEAL-1 Description: 1" Tri Clamp Seal Material: EPDM Rubber ..
£1.44 Ex Tax:£1.20
Model: TRISEAL-112
Part No: TRISEAL-112 Description: 1.1/2" Tri Clamp SealMaterial: EPDM Rubber ..
£1.80 Ex Tax:£1.50
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